COVID-19: Information for contractors

Posted on March 23, 2020 in COVID-19, Latest News by orange pixel

Given the situation with COVID 19 Coronavirus, we have adopted a policy of asking our tenants questions concerning their health status in relation to Coronavirus before we attend any property and before we pass any job sheets or book appointments for you to attend.

Whether we make the appointment or you book the appointment directly we would suggest that you confirm the appointment on the day and at the same time check whether anything has changed in their health status since the appointment was first made. We do not want you to put yourself or your employees in a risk situation.

We would be obliged if you could confirm that you have put precautions and guidance in place to deal with repairs or planned works if someone in the property is self-isolating or is themselves a vulnerable person. We do not consider that in most cases you will not still be able to attend the property but it is about knowing what to expect and taking sensible precautions. We are aware that if you cannot do any works for several months there will be substantial financial impact for you.

If you become aware of any tenants refusing appointments due to recent travel, illness or self-isolation, please email me at

If you or any of your employees are showing any of the symptoms or have decided to self-isolate, please advise me and also advise of any properties that you may have attended, on our behalf either just before or after showing symptoms. Additionally, if you or your employees are unable to attend, please advise of any alternative arrangements during your absence.

Stay healthy!